Coca leaf

The coca plant with the scientific name Erythroxylum coca has been cultivated in South America for over 4,500 years.
Current research results prove the healing power of the plant. Although coca leaves are discredited in the rest of the world due to the possibility of producing cocaine from them, they are still consumed today by more than 8 million people in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile for medicinal and religious reasons.

These people are descendants of the Incas and other pre-Columbian civilizations. The indigenous people never chew their coca without Llipt'a, a powder made from plant ash.

The coca leaf increases the oxygen uptake of the blood and therefore has a stimulating effect. It is excellent for alleviating and especially preventing altitude sickness. The use of coca leaves as tea, also known as mate de coca, is very popular. Mate de coca is an ancient drink made from fresh coca leaves.

The taste is rather grassy and comparable to green tea. Its effect is comparable to that of caffeinated drinks such as coffee or black tea. Unfortunately, until now it was only possible to enjoy the tea without legal consequences in the countries mentioned above.

Through a special composition, processing and name change, we have produced an EU version that can be sold over the counter and which we can now make available to you. The coca leaf flavor was added to the mate tea in a special process.

Unprocessed coca leaves may not be imported into the European Union, as they are not permitted here and fall under the Narcotics Act.