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Is Mate de Coca legal in Germany?

Original Mate de Coca tea is not allowed in Germany. With our Peruanischer Mate (Mate de Coca) we have produced a product that is almost identical in taste and effect. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more detailed information about the process because we are the only ones in Germany and the EU that offer this tea.

Does your Peruanischer Mate (mate de coca) taste like the original?

Yes, there is hardly any difference to taste. The only difference is that we processed the leaves using a special process. The effect can still be compared to that of the original Mate de Coca. Thanks to the careful processing of the leaves, all nutrients are still present.

The taste is rather grassy and comparable to green tea .

Where are your products produced?

Our products are produced by ourselves in Germany. That's why we can guarantee perfect quality. Everything is filled and checked by hand.

How can I as an entrepreneur add Coca Vital products to my range?

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